Hello, I am Saso.

I am a freelance photographer currently based in Geneva, Switzerland and with more than 15 years of experience.

An architect by profession and a photographer by heart and trade.

Started as a sports photographer in love with alpine skiing, migrated to a commercial studio/on location work where I am specializing in fine art, advertising and fashion photography (editorials, beauty, composites) and still maintaining the press work.

A full-time member of the International Federation of Journalists and currently working as a stringer for agencies including:

Last ten years I am working as a staff photographer at events and travel destinations (Greece, Spain, Croatia, Serbia) for Collegium Mondial Travel agency with more than 30.000 photos (editorial and commercial) published.

Published interviews and awards:

Always ready for new connections and assignments worldwide so feel free to call at +

Don´t forget to follow me on Instagram (@sasodomijan) for my latest work samples!